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Guru Krupa Group Companies running as a Dharmarth Sanstha for helping people. It's like an Adhyatmic family. Guruji Ashirvad, Yoga, Meditations, Pranayam, and Gayatri Mantra is our key strength. Because of this, we are included in the fastest-growing businesses.

1] We are looking for a person for a lifetime

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We assume staff as Family members. And nobody would like to leave a family member in life.

2] As a Family Treatment


All employees of our office are working as one family. No relation with anyone as Boss-employee.

3] Khub Masti and Khub work is our key mantra


Since the beginning, we have been taking a mantra: "Khub masti kro, Khub Dhamal kro, and work will be done automatically." To relax staff from job work, we do fun activities, Birthday Parties, Weekly parties, Office Picnics, Special Gifts, Movie tickets for family, Restaurant tickets for family, etc.

4] Salary & Benefits higher than Market


We try to provide a Salary higher than the market. That's why we have people for a lifetime.

5] Incentive ratio


Up to 1 to 5 lakh incentives are trying to provide an employee.

6] Fix time for everyone

In every company, there is a fixed time for opening the office for all staff. But in our office, it is flexible time. You can choose any slot as per your comfort: 9-5, 9.30-5.30, 10-6, 10.30-6.30, and 11-7pm. The reason is that everyone can attain the job and they can do their best here.

7] Reach late in the office - If late by time, marked absent


In many offices, the time is 9.30 am. If any employee arrives at 9.31, one minute late, they count as one late mark. On three late marks, they mark one day's leave. But in our office, if you come late, you can cover it by going late or cover it on Saturday-Sunday and complete 8 hours.

8] Provide time for personal study


On every exam, we provide leave for activities such as attending classes, college, examinations, etc. You can finish your ahead study only here.

9] Saturday and Sunday you can cover leave


You can cover your leave on Saturday and Sunday as well. If anyone wants to earn a higher salary, they can also work on any holiday day.

10] Saturday half-day leave


Very few companies provide Saturday leave. But our staff are very lucky in this case. We believe if employees are happy, they can cover their work in less time also.

11] Long office hours


In the market, office hours are typically 9, 10, or 11 hours a day.. Our office time is 10 am to 6.30 pm only.

12] Sunday invite for work


We don't invite anyone to work on Sunday, but many companies do. Almost every company invites employees to work on Saturday, Sunday, or on leave days.

13] Overtime for completing target


In many companies, even female staff have to stay till 8 - 9pm if they have not finished their daily targets. They are asked to come on Sunday also to finish the work. But we do not.

14] Peace in the office. No politics, no partiality


In various companies,politics and partiality exist for promotions, salaries etc. We are working as a Dharmarth Sanstha for serve, and we do not believe in politics and partiality.

15] Independent decision-maker

We provide the liberty to make decisions independently. You're the manager of your own office. It generates decision-making power in a person, helping them make decisions independently in corporate and personal life.

16] Distance from the office

Our office is situated at the main station of Mumbai. It is connected from the Western line as well as the Central line.

17] Human tendency

It is a human tendency that everyone likes other schools, other colleges, or other companies, even after studying in the best school or working in the best Company. Every company tries to provide their best to everyone, but people often think that other companies are best. However, before choosing a company, always consider the following points:

  • ● Salary
  • ● Target
  • ● Pressure
  • ● Office environment
  • ● Boss behavior
  • ● Distance from the office, etc.
  • ● Product easy to sell or difficult to sell
  • ● Notice period in the current company. Otherwise, the current company will not provide an experience letter, and without the letter, you cannot join.
  • ● Before leaving a job, read the current company's offer letter as well as read the new company offer letter also.
  • ● Running after money is not everything. In current life, every amount will be less.
  • ● Check job availability and rates in the market. Don't rely on what others say.
  • ● Leaving a job is so easy, but getting a job is difficult. So think twice before you leave an organization.
  • ● Some time It is easy to find a job. But finding a job according to your requirements is difficult. So always choose the best for you.
ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ।
उस प्राणस्वरूप, दुःखनाशक, सुखस्वरूप, श्रेष्ठ, तेजस्वी, पापनाशक,
देवस्वरूप परमात्मा को हम अन्तःकरण में धारण करें ।
वह परमात्मा हमारी बुद्धि को सन्मार्ग में प्रेरित करे ।


Shop no 21, Plot No 62, Gharkul CHS LTD, Gorai No 1, Borivali West, Mumbai- 400092.

Landmark: Near Swami Vivekananda International School

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